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Exquisite Natural Fire Agate Ladies Bracelet Watch Jewelry 83310025

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Product Description

This watch is weaved by fire agate with antique flavor. This design breaks traditional model, adopting natural fire agate as band and case ornament, fashion and healthy. The concise style is suitable for young ladies. It is the perfect gift to yourself or for that special someone, and looks great when paired with your gorgeous outfit.

Warm tip: Don`t spray perfume over the watch and take off it when washing hands. Due to all the gems are natural, it is normal to exist color difference. In order to fit maximumly, if the length of this watch is not suitable for your wrist, please measure your wrist size and communicate with our customer service rep. We need about 10 DAYS to weave it.

Fire agates are a symbol of courage, strength and protection, which makes the stone a highly desired fire agate among those who are facing difficult times. People suffering from certain physical ailments will also sometimes turn to the fire agate for its supposed healing powers. This stone is thought to help heal ailments of the intestines, circulatory system and lymph system.
For those who believe in mystical lore, fire agate offers some unique properties, according to Crystals and Jewelry. This stone is used during spells to aid communication, both speaking and writing. Those who have issues with writing or public speaking may find their fears dissipating if they are wearing a piece of fire agate jewelry. Old stories claim that the fire agate contains the power to stop gossip, relieve fear and avert any harm.
The fire agate has properties that are unlike many other gem stones, including others in the agate family. The fire agate is thus named because a well-polished one will look like there is a fire burning within the stone. A fire agate creates an optical illusion of more depth and an interesting combination of color within the stone.


Other Details

Natural Red Agate, Ornamental Crystal and Beads, Stainless Steel Buckle
Citizen 7T35
Length: 6.5-6.89in (16.5-17.5cm, length can be customed)

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Product Reviews

  1. User Review

    Kara Lauren

    Star Rating



    This watch is not only purely functional but very beautiful and a nice addition to any outfit. I recommend it, and its not too much cost wise either!

  2. User Review


    Star Rating



    I fell in love with it in the picture and put an order immediately. It arrived fast and surprised me again!
    The color is gorgeous, with the beautiful luster. It is easy matching with most of my clothes and brings me tons of compliments.
    Thanks a lot dinnel. I will buy more!

  3. User Review


    Star Rating


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Exquisite Natural Fire Agate Ladies Bracelet Watch Jewelry 83310025
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