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100% Gorgeous Natural Mulberry Silk Soft Big Square White Scarf Shawl 88320040

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Product Description

Believe it or not, the difference Our 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Scarf Collection can make to all woman is truly amazing! With its soft and supple texture, you'll benefit from this "one of a kind" smooth silk scarf fabric. For all seasons and any occasions, this scarf freshens and brightens your ensemble with an iridescent luster, vibrant colors and soft touch. Let this beautiful silk scarf and fashion accessory changes your entire look and gives you a dashing, elegant and unique style that's all your own!

About Zasn Scarf:
Zasn scarf is made of 100% natural mulberry silk. This mulberry silk is a kind of natural azelon, which contains 18 amino acids necessary for human body and has a function of anti-skin aging and protecting elasticity of subcutaneous vessels. Compared with other fibre, it is fine and smooth, light and soft and has good absorbent quality and permeability with ethereal pearly luster, being reputed as "Fibre Queen".

How to maintain your silk scarf:
1. Wash. Silk is a protein fiber (like your hair). When washing, treat it accordingly. Most silk scarves are washable. Wash in cool water. Do not use hot water. Do not use bleach. Use a specialty cleaning agents for silk. Do not use alkaline soap or keep the scarf in the soap for a long time. Gently wash in clean water. Separate silk scarf from clothes in different colors when washing to avoid staining. And several drops of wax will add a better effect on the silk scarf when washing.
2. Dry. Hang or lay flat to dry in shade. And, for best results, keep silk scarf out of direct sun.
3. Press on wrong side of scarf with a cool iron if it is crumpled.

Warm Tips: 100% silk fabric is easy to become crumpled, which is a feature of natural silk and not the problem of quality.

Other Details

White, Black
35.43*35.43in (90*90cm)
Brand New in Box
35.43*35.43in (90*90cm)
Brand New in Box

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    Anonymous customer

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    Good Seller.

    I needed this for a gift, and was very pleased when it arrived. It is nice material, pretty and subtle pattern and feels soft. It arrived within just a couple days. Good Seller.

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100% Gorgeous Natural Mulberry Silk Soft Big Square White Scarf Shawl 88320040
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