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100% Women`s Silk Pajamas, Black Braces Skirt 86210035

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Product Description

This 100% silk braces skirt is convenient to wear. Comfortable silk material with lace and V-neck design stress women`s gorgeous and kind character. Real silk is satiny and lustrous like pearl, but chemical fabric isn`t like this. The fabric of mulberry silk is slender and long. If you lay it casually, it will be pleated. So it is said that "no pleat, no silk."

China is the hometown of silk which is the most representative product to export. In ancient, China is the earliest country to plant mulberry, raise silkworms and produce silk. Through the archaeology findings for recent years, people find the technology of silk production has reached a high level from Shang and Zhou dynasty to warring states period. Up to now, Chinese silk is still the most important dedication to the whole world. Traditional Chinese Medicine thinks silk is neutral in nature and non-poisonous with pungent flavor. Silk pajamas are smooth and comfortable. Meanwhile, it has a good performance on absorbing humidity and dispersing heat. Silk will enhance vitality of epidermal cells, promote metabolism and massage skin to keep healthy. Its function is superior than any other material and beneficial to all ages.

Warm tip: we recommend hand washing, with a mild detergent, warm water below 40C and no bleach, and then hang to dry without sunshine. Silk fabric tends to shrink, so we suggest choosing a bigger size. Please choose the suitable size before purchasing.


Other Details

100% Mulberry Silk
M, L, XL
Brand New in Box

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Product Reviews

  1. User Review


    Star Rating


    Soft and stylish

    Ordered this for my GF. She loves it. Very silky and fits perfect! Thanks for the quick shipment. I love how it feels too.

  2. User Review


    Star Rating



    These pajamas are fantastic. The super light, slinky fabric makes them comfortable and cool. I find they don't cause my body to overheat at night like other pajamas. They have officially become my favorite PJs. I ordered some for my mom and sister and am considering ordering another set for myself! Highly recommend.

  3. User Review

    Shari L. Amos

    Star Rating


    Cute and soft

    The silk pajamas is difficult to find 100% silk in typical department stores and these are a real bargain. The quality is good and the length of the top is very generous. Recommended.

  4. User Review


    Star Rating


    Superb Quality Silk Women's Pajamas

    I ordered three pajama sets here. All are just beautiful, as advertised they are warm when it's cool and cool when it's warm. They arrived in nice packing. But almost as impressive as the product itself was customer service. One of the robes was missing the tie. I shot them an email, they wrote back right away, apologizing for the problem, sent me the missing tie immediately, and threw in one of their absolutely gorgeous silk scarves as a bonus.

  5. User Review

    Mark S. Snyder

    Star Rating


    Worth Twice The Price

    I bought these pajamas for my wife. She saw them, felt them, jumped up and changed into them, and I think has been wearing them every night since. I think if she could wear them to work she would.
    They do look and feel very expensive, and I am quite sure my wife believes I spent probably twice as much (or more) on them than I did. :)) My wife says that they are "very well made" so it appears that you can't go wrong.

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100% Women`s Silk Pajamas, Black Braces Skirt 86210035
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