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2 Layers Fingertip Length Cord Edge Tulle Wedding Veil 88800017

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Product Description

This is a 2-tier veil measuring 43 inches in length. Made of high quality bridal tulle, it can be worn beautifully with any hairstyle and can be paired with a variety of additional hair accessories.


How to Get Wrinkles Out of a Wedding Veil:
1. Lay the veil on a flat surface and pull the fabric straight, gently smoothing the wrinkles where possible.
2. Locate the center of the main comb. Point the teeth of the comb toward the ceiling and attach the comb to the hanger with a clip.
3. Hang the veil from the ceiling or from an empty picture hook in an out-of-the-way place. Gravity will pull down the fabric, and the wrinkles will come out in time.
4. Cut a hole in an old sheet and thread it over the head of the hanger. Pull the sheet over the veil to protect the fabric.
5. For stubborn wrinkles, hang the veil in the bathroom while the shower is running. The steam will soften the fabric and the wrinkles will vanish. Alternatively you can use a fabric steamer, but be very careful not to get the steam on any embellishments.
6. Consider taking your veil to a professional cleaner. However, this should only be done for severe cases; the plastic wrap the cleaners will place around the veil to protect the delicate material will cause wrinkles. These wrinkles are insignificant and will disappear once the veil is hung.


Warn Tips:
Don`t iron your veil. Even on low heat, it can permanently damage the fabric. If you hang your veil in the bathroom with the shower running, be sure to take care not to splash any water on it--particularly if it has cord finishing or satin ribbons around the edge. If you use steam on your veil, wait until it is completely dry and cool before moving it.

Other Details

White, Ivory (The color might be a little different from the pictures because of different screen shows.)
Soft American Net
43.31in (110cm)
Brand New in Box

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Product Reviews

  1. User Review


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    PERFECTION & AFFORDABLE. Looks just like picture. I was responsible for getting my aunt something new for her wedding, which was a veil. I purchased two blushers from David’s Bridal plus additional lace fabric $$$ and was going to have a veil custom made for her but I could not find a seamstress. After several failed attempts and much prayer, I found this website online. If only I had searched first before spending any money. I was a little apprehensive because I had never heard of this site but the price was enticing and the end was near. I read the other reviews and long story short my aunt was a beautiful bride. The veil is VERY ELEGANT & royal looking. I WOULD highly RECOMMEND BUYING THIS ITEM. Be Blessed.

  2. User Review

    Mrs Leah

    Star Rating


    Love it

    I loved the simplicity of this veil. it was a little stiff, but looked so beautiful on the day and no body noticed that it was slightly stiff. I chose a very modest veil because my frock was the centre peice.

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2 Layers Fingertip Length Cord Edge Tulle Wedding Veil 88800017
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