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39" Almond Cutaway Acoustic Classical Guitar 82000009

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Product Description

Dimension: 39.13 x 14.76 x 3.94inches (99.4 x 37.5 x 10.0cm)
Hole Diameter: 3.31in (8.4cm)

1. Body: Spruce

2. Back: Sapele

3. Neck: Nato

4. Fingerboard: Rosewood

5. Tuners: Plastic

6. String: Nylon

7. Nut: Rosewood

8. Fret: Cupronickel

A beautiful guitar worthy of a great player! Handcrafted with a premium East Indian sapele back and sides. High-quality strings help produce delicate, balanced tones. Original wood color body has a stylish character. This guitar also makes a great gift!

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Brand New in Box

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    C. K. Associate

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    Nice for the price

    I have owned many guitars some really crappy ones and some really good top of the line ones. I honestly have to say that for the price you can not go wrong. I LOVE mine and have been playing that heck out of it since I got it. It has good tone, it gets in tune and stays in tune sure there are better quality and better constructed guitars out there, but this one is really nice for the price. So if you are looking for a good guitar for a low price this is it. Also the color is really beautiful.

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39" Almond Cutaway Acoustic Classical Guitar 82000009
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