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6-piece Chinese Calligraphy Brush Set with Premium Hair Point 8A020005

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Product Description

These gorgeous brushes come to terrific points and flows beautifully. They are made with finest weasel, goat and rabbit hair to offer optimum water holding capacity. The pen holders have handmade carved words. They are suitable for running script, regular script and official script. It will be a good gift for your friends or the foreign friends who love Chinese culture deeply.

How to Write Chinese Character

1. Use a large sheet of paper to start with. Plain white 11 x 17 paper is an inexpensive medium on which to practice before you move on to canvas, rice paper, or other higher quality materials.
2. With the pencil and ruler, mark out squares, one for each character. Chinese characters are always square, being the same length and width. Bigger squares are easier to practice in. As you get better, you can skip this step.
3. Dip your brush in the ink. Brushes don't need to be special; a standard watercolor brush will work just fine. You should have enough ink to complete simple characters. Always be sure to finish each stroke in a single motion.
4. Start with basic, simple characters. In a good Chinese writing book, these will be the first taught. You may also start by simply practicing brush strokes. Follow the direction lines in the book.
5. Make your strokes for each character from left to right and top to bottom. Traditional Chinese reads from right to left, top to bottom across the page, so you may choose to write across the paper in the same way, but the strokes that form each character go from left to right.
6. Do not add extra flourishes. If the end of the stroke is straight, keep it straight, though often there will be a fade as the brush is lifted. Turning up the end of a stroke can change the character or at the very least make it look sloppy.

Other Details

Weasel, Rabbit and Goat Hair
Brand New in Box

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Product Reviews

  1. User Review


    Star Rating


    Calligraphy Brush set made in china

    It's really authentic looking and fun to use. Good for beginners. Great quality for good price.

  2. User Review


    Star Rating


    A big deal!

    The Calligraphy Brush Set is great for us beginner. It writes smoothly. Comfortable in my hand. Excellent brushes for Chinese painting or calligraphy. Very happy with this product and the customer service of dinnel.

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6-piece Chinese Calligraphy Brush Set with Premium Hair Point 8A020005
Size Using Method Material Other
(20 - 2000 Characters)

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