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Ball Gown Sweetheart Cathedral Train Taffeta Drapped Wedding Dress

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Product Description

The most beautiful moment of a woman is when she wears a wedding dress. White and ivory is the forever classic color for a wedding which means saintly marriage. This elegant dress has two colors for choice: white and ivory.

Premium taffeta with pleat design is perfect for attracting attention to your colorful personality. The entire line is simple and gorgeous. You must be the focus in wedding ceremony.

Bride needs the right Wedding Dresses which is both Sexy and Modesty. For the bride, looking her very best on her wedding day is essential. It is also something most stress about for a very long time. Finding the right wedding dress though is the key.

Warm Tip:

In order to fit maximumly, your full measurements will be needed. You can learn methods of measuring by the following measuring instruction picture. Because of the high producing standard, it has many procedures including plate making, tailoring, hand tailoring, sewing, embroidering and so on. Thus we need about three weeks (20 DAYS) to finish the evening dress. Please order it before the prom or wedding.

How to Store Wedding Dress

1. Have the dress professionally cleaned as soon as possible. Some stains, such as sweat, perfume and alcohol, may be invisible at first but will darken with time if not removed.
2. Choose between box and hanger storage. Keeping the dress in a box may prove to be more practical, but hanging the garment in a closet is the best way to prevent difficult-to-remove creases. Purchase plenty of acid-free tissue paper. You`ll need it whether you fold or hang the dress.
3. Line an acid-free cardboard box with acid-free tissue paper if you are storing the garment in a box. Lay the hem in the box first and then fold the dress accordion-style, placing crumpled tissue paper between each fold. Stuff the inside of the bodice and sleeves with crumpled tissue. Layer more tissue on top and cover with the box lid.
4. Wrap a wide hanger with cotton batting if you are hanging the garment, then cover it with muslin. Hang the dress and stuff the bodice, sleeves and any deep folds in the fabric with acid-free tissue. Cover the dress with a muslin garment bag and hang it in a cool, dry closet. Take care not to crush it with other clothing.
5. Check the dress`s condition each year. If boxed, repack so the folds are in different places; if hung, wash the muslin cover.

Other Details

White, Ivory (the color is available)
See Size Chart
Brand New in Box

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Product Reviews

  1. User Review


    Star Rating


    Love It!

    I absolutely love this dress!

  2. User Review


    Star Rating


    Totally Worth It!

    I ordered the dress, it is the most beautiful dress i ever seen! I think the dress in white is gorgeous. I customized and it fits perfectly, it looks just like in the pictures! not joking!!

  3. User Review


    Star Rating


    BUY IT!!!

    This dress was perfect for me! I LOVED wearing this dress on my wedding day.
    It was gorgeous, and I received a ton of compliments on it! BUY IT!!! :)

  4. User Review


    Star Rating


    Thank You

    I got my dream DRESS for my dream WEDDING to be... all i can say is soooooo WOW!!! damn dress...really... I really like it and I can't wait to wear this gown on the Big DAY of my LIFE...Thanks and Love you Dinnel.... :) :) :) :D :D :D

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Ball Gown Sweetheart Cathedral Train Taffeta Drapped Wedding Dress
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