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Black Ruffle Halter Striped Convertible Dress 3-Piece Bikini Swimsuit 88D00030

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Product Description

This is a 3-piece swimsuit. Made of top quality material, it is stretchy, breathable and comfortable to wear. The fresh design and excellent construction will perfectly hide your shortcoming and flatter your figure. Featuring vibrant color and sexy pattern, the swimsuit is your best partner when enjoying yourself on the beach!

Warm Tips:
The size chart is only for your reference. Since the swimsuit is super stretchy, pleasechoose the size mainly according to your height. If you are underweight or overweight, please choose according to your figure.

How to Treat Your Swimsuit
1 Take a shower before you put your swimsuit on to get rid of grease, dirt, and skin and hair products, which could cause the fabric to deteriorate.
2 Stay away from rough surfaces when wearing your swimsuit, such as pool walls, concrete seating and rocks on the beach. Use the steps to enter and exit a swimming pool. Place a towel on the pool edge or sand before sitting down.
3 Rinse your swimsuit in cold, fresh water after each wear. Wash it in warm or cold water with a mild neutral detergent.
4 Machine wash your swimwear occasionally for a more intense wash that will remove all traces of chlorine, sand, salt water and perspiration. Place your swimsuit inside a lingerie bag to protect it before putting it into the washer. Wash your swimsuit separately initially as the colors may run, especially black and very bright colors. Never machine wash swimwear with a metallic or glittery finish and remember they are not designed to be worn in hot water or for strenuous activities. Always hand wash this type of swimsuit.
5 Lay your swimwear on a flat surface or hang it on the line to dry. Hang bright or fluorescent swimwear indoors or in the shade to reduce fading. Never tumble dry swimwear, as this will weaken the elastic.
6 Stretch your swimsuit gently after it is dry and check it for traces of any remaining sand.
7 Store your swimwear in a lingerie bag in your closet until you need it again.

Other Details

Outshell: 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex
Lining: 95% Nylon, 5% Spandex
Brand New in Box

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    mommy approved

    I'm a mother of a 3 year old son and I must say my body hasn't been the same since I gave birth to him. This bathing suit is able to hid all of my body's imperfection and it makes me look good again! not cheaply made either. It's worth every penny mothers. so go get this bathing suit! you won't regret it!!!

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Black Ruffle Halter Striped Convertible Dress 3-Piece Bikini Swimsuit 88D00030
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