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Cheap Chic Ladies` White-Blue Round Dial Oval Bracelet Wrist Watch 89140006

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Product Description

The creative design guarantees KIMIO watch`s everlasting life. Every piece of watch is the combination of inspiration and wisdom. The elegant pattern shows your noble temperament and fashion taste. Featuring the most fashionable design, the most skillful craftsmanship and the highest rank quality, the watch perfectly combines the function of a timepiece and the beauty of accessory. Highly affordable, the chic watch is the best gift for your love her.

Warm Tips:
Watch and wipe moisture, sweat or dirt by a soft, dry cloth frequently. It will help to extend the life of case, band and the ring. Use a soft, dry cloth wiped off the moisture gently. Do not rub band, so that the band will not fade color or lose its luster.
To prevent movement damage caused by the leakage of electrolyte, batteries of quartz watches should be replaced immediately if the hands stop moving or the second hands move at two-second or four-second intervals instead of the normal one-second intervals. In order that your watch will serve you for many trouble-free years, we recommend that you have it checked every 2 to 3 years.

Quartz Watches Maintenance:
1. Change the watch`s battery every two years, even if it works fine. Take it to a jeweler, because he has the tools to recreate the seal on the back after he replaces the battery.
2. Take your watch to a jeweler every six months for an inspection. He will check the battery, remove thickened oil if needed and clean the parts.
3. Keep a leather strap away from water. Dry it immediately if you get it wet. Polish a metal strap with a soft, damp toothbrush to remove dirt and oil build-up.
4. Keep your watch away from sunlight and damp areas. Water can seep into the face of the watch, and sunlight can fade the strap. Strong heat or sunlight can cause the battery to leak.
5. Do not drop your watch on a hard surface, which can dislodge the crystal bar or crack the faceplate.
6. Wear your watch daily to keep it accurate. Cold quartz watches lose their accuracy but regain it once they are warmed.

Other Details

Band Material:
Stainless Steel
Dial Shape:
Case Diameter: 1.26in (3.2cm), Case Thickness: about 0.31in (0.8cm), Bracelet Length: 5.91-7.09in (15-18cm)
Blue, White
Brand New in Box

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    Happy with the purchase.

    Dinnel's price is by far the best. The watch looks pretty and fits my wrist. Have gotten lots of compliments on it. In a word, a good purchase!

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Cheap Chic Ladies` White-Blue Round Dial Oval Bracelet Wrist Watch 89140006
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