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Creative Business Gift Cast Jewelry Case Xi Shi and King of Wu 85060021

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Product Description

The jewelry case is in the image of Xi Shi making the king of Wu broil fish. The cooker is actually a case. The bottle on the king`s back can be used as a brush container. Featuring high level craftsmanship, it perfectly combines decorative and practical functions. It is your best choice for business presentation as well as house improvement.

Xi Shi was one of the renowned Four Beauties of ancient China. She was said to have lived during the end of Spring and Autumn Period in Zhuji, the capital of the ancient State of Yue. Xi Shi`s beauty was said to be so extreme that while leaning over a balcony to look at the fish in the pond, the fish would be so dazzled that they forgot to swim and gradually sunk away from the surface. This description serves as a Chinese idiom to compliment someone`s beauty.
King Goujian of Yue was once imprisoned after a defeat in a war by King Fuchai of Wu. The state of Yue later became a tributary to Wu. Secretly planning his revenge, Goujian`s minister Wen Zhong suggested training beautiful women and offering them to Fuchai as a tribute (knowing Fuchai could not resist beautiful women). His other minister, Fan Li, found Xi Shi and Zheng Dan, and gifted them to Fuchai in 490 BC.
Bewitched by the beauty and kindness of Xi Shi and Zheng Dan, Fuchai forgot all about his state affairs and at their instigation, killed his best advisor, the great general Wu Zixu. Fuchai even built Guanwa Palace (Palace of Beautiful Women) in an imperial park on the slope of Lingyan Hill, about 15 kilometers (9.3 mi) west of Suzhou. The strength of Wu dwindled, and in 473 BC Goujian launched his strike and put the Wu army to full rout. King Fuchai lamented that he should have listened to Wu Zixu, and then committed suicide.
In the legend, after the fall of Wu, Fan Li retired from his ministerial post and lived with Xi Shi on a fishing boat, roaming like fairies in the misty wilderness of Tai He Lake, and no one saw them ever again. This is according to Yuan Kang`s book. Another version, according to Mozi, is that Xi Shi eventually died from drowning in the river.

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5.91 x 6.30 x 6.73in (150 x 160 x 171mm)
Brand New in Box

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    Lovely product!

    This is really a lovely item for gift. Everyone will like this. Bought this for my coworker, he liked it as much as I did. Thanks!

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Creative Business Gift Cast Jewelry Case Xi Shi and King of Wu 85060021
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