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Durable Scissors, China Time-honored Brand Wang Ma Zi 8A000008

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Product Description

Wang Ma Zi scissors are famous for the sharp blade and comfortable handle. It has over 300 hundreds years history. Its technique is accumulated by many master workers of past dynasties, which has the extraordinary advantages. The long and thin blade with unique rabbet not only boosts entire hardness but also reduces the friction resistance. This scissors is suitable for cutting cloth, wool and leather.

Maintenance of Stainless Steel Knife

1. Hold the beveled edge of one blade against a sharpening stone, which you can find at most large hardware stores.
2. Match the angle as closely as possible and slide the blade forward diagonally along the stone, moving from the end toward the screw (point to pivot).
3. Repeat with the other blade, again matching the angle.
4. Open and close the scissors a few times to knock off any burrs that might be left.

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Brand New in Box

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    good service

    sharp. reliable. not too bulky for everyday use. would buy again from this seller.

  2. User Review


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    just what I needed.

    the product arrived quickly and the quality is good.

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Durable Scissors, China Time-honored Brand Wang Ma Zi 8A000008
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