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Elegant Natural Pink Freshwater Pearl Ladies Bracelet Watch 83310013

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Product Description

This watch is weaved by several pearls with antique flavor. Pearl is reputed as the jewelry queen depending on its cozy, elegant and pure character. The design inspiration always springs from nature. Pearl is not so dazzling like diamond, which shines smoothly and softly. This design breaks traditional model, adopting natural pink freshwater pearl as band and case ornament, fashion and healthy. The concise style is suitable for young ladies. It is the perfect gift to yourself or for that special someone, and looks great when paired with your gorgeous outfit.

Warm tip: Don`t spray perfume over the watch and take off it when washing hands. Due to all the gems are natural, it is normal to exist color difference. In order to fit maximumly, if the length of this watch is not suitable for your wrist, please measure your wrist size and communicate with our customer service rep. We need about 10 DAYS to weave it.

How to Care for Pearl Jewelry

1. Protect your pearl jewelry by placing it in a piece of soft cloth, like cotton, linen or silk. Do not place them in a plastic bag or near a heat source since this can cause your pearls to lose their moisture.
2. Clean your pearls with a moistened soft cloth. Never use commercial jewelry cleaner, an ultrasonic cleaning machine or an abrasive material like baking soda or kitchen cleansers.
3. Put your pearl jewelry on after you have finished applying makeup, hairspray or fragrances. These substances can leave a fine coating on your pearls that will erode their luster.
4. Restring your pearls every 2 years at the jewelry store. The silk threads joining the strand together can wear out. Have the jeweler tie knots in the silk between each pearl to keep the pearls from rubbing against each other. The knots will also keep you from losing all your pearls if the thread should break.
5. Take off your pearls if they will be exposed to an activity that could damage them. This includes hard exercise (perspiration can damage them) or work where they might contact dirt or chemicals.
6. Be careful when wearing pearls with rough textured fabrics. Some of fabrics, like Shetland wool, can scratch their delicate surfaces.

Other Details

Natural Freshwater Pearl, Ornamental Crystal and Beads, Stainless Steel Buckle
Citizen 7T35
Length: 6.5-6.89in (16.5-17.5cm, length can be customed)
Brand New in Box

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    Excellent Value

    Purchased 3 of these as gifts, purchasing 3 more also as gifts - including one for myself this time! Standard shipping for all 3 arrived in expected timeframe, undamaged.

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Elegant Natural Pink Freshwater Pearl Ladies Bracelet Watch 83310013
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