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Fashion Anti-ultraviolet Electroplated Optical Lens Blue Swim Goggles 88510006

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Product Description

Featuring fog resistance and ultraviolet protection, these swim goggles can be use for both recreation and competition. They protect your eyes from irritation and inflammation, and allow you to see under the water clearly. The tinted lenses are good for swimming outside as well as indoors. You don`t need to squint in strong light. Applying high-elasticity tearing-resistant headband, the goggles are comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

1 Apply high-density optical-level PC lenses, Jingeer goggles are shock resistant and help you see clearly under water.
2 The electroplated lenses help protect your eyes from sunlight. However, they cannot be used as sunglasses.
3 Double strengthened hydrophilic antifogging agent is used to prevent fog from forming.
4 Optical level UV resistant lenses help prevent the harm of ultraviolet radiation. Double layer slip-resistance headband prevents the goggles from falling off.
7 The nose-piece is designed according to somatological theory and fits most nose shape.

1 Wash the goggle with clean water only and leave them wind dry. Never rub it with any cloth to avoid damage to the lenses.
2 Store your goggles in matching case after use. Avoid exposure to the sunlight.

Using Method:
1 Wet the inner lens before putting them on to improve the anti-fog effect.
2 Adjust the band and nose-piece. Make sure you are perfectly comfortable with the them.
3 Wash the goggles with clean water after use and leave them wind dry.

Other Details

Lens: High-density Optical-level PC
Headstrap: High-elasticity Tearing-resistant Silica Gel
Frame: PVC
Designed according to Somatological Theory and Fits Most Head Sizes
Brand New in Box

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    I have been enjoying my goggles. Adjustable features are great and the goggles stay on very well while swimming without letting water enter. Five stars for a great product.

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Fashion Anti-ultraviolet Electroplated Optical Lens Blue Swim Goggles 88510006
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