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Fine Camel Lambskin Leather Women`s Gloves with Elastic Wrist 88900021

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Product Description

Made of genuine leather and fleece lining, this pair of premium gloves features classic design and soft texture. It will not only keep you warm all through the cold days, but will add you capable and sophisticated feelings. Meanwhile, this pair of gloves is the best present for the one you love.

1. Wipe the gloves with a dry cleaning rag every couple of weeks, or use a damp rag if you notice any sticky residue. Flip the gloves inside out to clean the insides of the gloves, wipe down with a damp rag and allow to air dry before turning the gloves right-side out. Or you can simple sent it to a professional leather care shop.
2. As the leather is quite soft, please keep it away from hard articles like metal to avoid scratching.
3.Store the gloves in a controlled environment. If you let your gloves lie around outdoors, the sun can cause the leather to crack; rain also can ruin your gloves. Storing the gloves in a closet is a good idea as long as you remember where you put it.
4.Routinely check the gloves for dry spots in the leather. If you need to re-oil your gloves, oil only the spots that are dry. Make sure to use a cloth to apply the oil; the cloth will help ensure the oil doesn`t spread around to parts of the gloves that don`t need it.

Other Details

100% Lambskin, Synthetic Fleece Lining
Brand New in Box

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Product Reviews

  1. User Review

    Robert Monroe

    Star Rating



    I gave them as a gift and my girl fell in love with them, the price I paid was excellent for the product!!!!!

  2. User Review

    W. Kubik

    Star Rating


    Great for driving

    I bought these gloves for my wife and daughter. my wife has worn this kind of gloves for years and every time she wears a pair out i get her a new pair right away. She says they are the best driving gloves and won't wear anything else.

  3. User Review

    K. Featherston

    Star Rating


    Great Gloves

    These gloves arrived just in time for our most recent snowfall. Since we now have snow every other day, I'm extremely happy to have these warm and attractive gloves.

  4. User Review

    Cajun girl

    Star Rating


    Chic and Wonderful

    My gloves are so chic and feel wonderful. I love to drive with them and I think the look is so cool.

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Fine Camel Lambskin Leather Women`s Gloves with Elastic Wrist 88900021
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