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Hand Tufted Area Rug, Oriental Indoor Rectangle Carpet(5x7ft) 81110050

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Product Description

This acrylic yarn rug is comfortable and soft and perfect for a living room, dining room or bedroom. The tufting method creates a highly durable and beautifully accurate handmade rug that will weather foot traffic for years to come. It will last a lifetime leaving your home looking fresh and elegant for ages. The floral pattern with brown background accents its noble and sedate feature. Perfect stain-resistant, fade-resistant, soil-resistant and mildewproof qualities display a good cost performance.

Warm Tip:

If we have the stock, you can receive it in 8-10 DAYS. If you order a rug that is out of stock, it will never be longer than 20-50 DAYS until it is available.

How to Clean an Oriental Rug

1. Vacuum your rug on both sides while still in its original location. Then hang your rug and beat out any remaining dirt and dust.
2. Move your oriental rug to a clean, flat space for washing. A garage floor, clean driveway or patio work well.
3. Wet down your rug with cool water, then test a small area for color run with an extremely mild rug shampoo. If colors don`t run, shampoo your entire rug, front and back, using a soft, long-bristled brush.
4. Brush shampoo in softly with the grain of the rug pile. Make sure you completely wet the nap with your soapy water.
5. Clean your rug`s fringes. Using a soft brush and your soapy water, lightly brush your fringe away from the rug. Repeat until clean.
6. Rinse your oriental rug with a hose running cool water. Make sure you completely rinse out all shampoo from the front, back and fringes.
7. Remove standing water from your rug using a clean rubber window squeegee. Run the squeegee along the rug`s grain until you`ve removed all excess water. Lay flat to dry.

Other Details

Premium Acrylic Yarn
Brown, White Flowers
4.59 x 6.56ft (1.4 x 2m), Thickness: 0.51in (13mm)
Brand New in Box

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    All love it

    The rug is beautiful, even better than in the picture. It is thick and feels great. The pattern is cute and the colors are nice. I strongly recommend this website and this rug!

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Hand Tufted Area Rug, Oriental Indoor Rectangle Carpet(5x7ft) 81110050
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