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Imitate Leather Elastic Fabric Wax Cord Closure Super Wide Red Belt 88F00019

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Product Description

This is a fashionable women`s wide belt. Elastic band applied, it will fit almost all body shapes perfectly. The belt is ideal for matching with over-sized shirt, dress and overcoat. It will instantly add an hourglass shape to your outfit.

How to Maintain Leather Belts
1. Purchase a belt made for your waist size. A belt that is too large will wrap around itself and possibly even fold into small creases.
2. Apply leather conditioner onto both sides of the belt when you first purchase it. This is the same product you should be using on your leather shoes and jackets. It helps block out moisture and dirt. To apply the conditioner, pour a small amount onto a rag and rub the rag over the belt. Make sure both sides are covered, then let it sit out for a few hours to dry.
3. Remove the belt from your pants after every time you wear it. Do not leave the belt in the pants for a few days. This can bend the belt out of position and cause creases in it.
4. Keep the belt dry and avoid water damage. If you are outside and it is snowing or raining, cover it up with your jacket or shirt. Even though you have applied the leather conditioner to the belt, it is important to protect the belt from any unnecessary moisture.
5. Clean off any dirt or debris with a brush. This can be the same brush you use on furniture. You want stiff bristles, but not anything that will damage the leather. Rub the brush across the dirt until it has been removed.

Other Details

Imitate Leather, Wax Cord, Elastic Fabric
Length: 29.13in (74cm), Width: 3.94in (10cm), Largest Width: 5.91in (15cm)
for Waist: 28.35-35.43in (72-90cm)
Brand New in Box

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Product Reviews

  1. User Review

    Stacy R. Fuhrmann

    Star Rating


    Red Belt

    Good price and decent quality. It is a little wider than I thought. Still a great purchase if you want a red accent for an outfit!

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Imitate Leather Elastic Fabric Wax Cord Closure Super Wide Red Belt 88F00019
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