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India Style Easy Matching Silver Alloy Numerous Loops Bracelet 89470032

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Product Description

This is a vintage Sumni Brand bracelet. Every Sumni product must go through over 50 strict processes with four main techniques before it is finished. Thus our striving for perfection is incomparably and our bracelets are exceptional. This bracelet will look better and better with time going and the style will stay in fashion forever.

How to maintain your jewelry:
1.The jewelry should often be replaced. The same piece of jewelry should not be worn for too long, especially in hot weather. The plating layer will be easily eroded if the jewelry is coated with sweat for a long time. Therefore, it is better that you prepare several pieces of jewelry for change.
2. Jewelry will be easily damaged when it touches chemicals. Using fragrance, taking shower, touching chlorine in swimming pool and salinity in water will all cause damage to the plating layer. Therefore take off your jewelry before going for shower or swimming.
3. Collision causes scratch easily. Keep your jewelry carefully and avoid overlapping them together. Put them back in the original packing bag or inside the jewelry box to give separate room.
4. Clean the jewelry often. Sweep the surface with a soft brush to remove the floating dirt. Clean and brush the surface periodically in order to wipe off the taint.

Other Details

Diameter: 2.91in (7.4cm)
Brand New in Box

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Product Reviews

  1. User Review

    karen davenport

    Star Rating


    valentines day gift

    my husband bought me this bracelet for valentines day. i love it. you can dress it up or down.
    it came in its onw little bag and box"which i like"for easy storage when i'm not wearing it. shipment was on schedule from dinnel. I'll definitly be ordering again.

  2. User Review


    Star Rating


    Great Price, Great Item!

    I purchased these bracelets for my best friends and myself, and we love them!! I was excited about the great price of the bracelet when I ordered them, but when I received them, I was more impressed by the great gift box!! I would highly recommend this item as a small token of appreciation to anyone that you know and/or love!

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India Style Easy Matching Silver Alloy Numerous Loops Bracelet 89470032
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