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Intermediate Violin Outfit with Case, Size Available 82100026

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Product Description

1. Top: Spruce
2. Back: Flamed Maple
3. Ribs, Scroll: Flamed Maple
4. Fingerboard: Ebony
5. Chin Rest: Ebony
6. Peg: Ebony
7. Bow: Brazil Wood
8. Strings: Normal Grade
9. Bridge: Ebony
10. Varnish: Hand Applied Varnish

This violin is perfect for intermediate violinists. No compromises on the performance or design were taken in the precise manufacture of this violin. It has a high quality and good cost performance, which features a rich, sweet yet powerful sound with excellent intonation in all registers.

1. Keep a soft cloth in your violin case. Every time you play, you must clean the rosin off of your violin. Rosin will eat away the finish and leave it rough-looking.
2. Polish your violin regularly. This provides protection and adds a glossy shine to your instrument. Most music stores carry violin polish.
3. Buy a violin humidifier. These can be found at most music stores. They consist of a rubber tube with a sponge inside. Fill the sponge by holding under running water and wipe excess water off of the outer tube. Insert it into one of the openings on the face of your violin. These humidifiers come with a humidity gauge and instructions. If the violin becomes too dry it may warp or crack.
4. Always loosen the strings of the bow. If always kept tight, they will pull the bow out of line. Wipe the rosin off of the bow before you put it away, every time it is used.
5. Protect your instrument from extremes of hot or cold. These too, can damage your violin.
6. Put your violin in the case whenever it is not in use. This will protect it from accidental bumps or scrapes. Do the same with the bow.
7. Tune your violin correctly so as not to warp or break the bridge. If the violin has not been played for a while and out of tune, adjust the strings in a way which does not strain one side of the bridge or it will be pulled out of line. For example, tune the two inside strings and then the outside strings or vice versa. Never start at one end and work your way to the other.

Other Details

4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8
Carbon Bow, Foamed Violin Case, Big Rosin
Brand New in Box

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    Good violin

    Everything you need packaged at a good price! I'm pleased with my violin, taking lessons, reading and playing simple tunes. I'm retired and have wanted to do this for many years. The delivery was ahead of the time promised. Having the extra bridge and strings is nice.

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Intermediate Violin Outfit with Case, Size Available 82100026
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