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Red Double Cutaway Electric Guitar, Double Tremolo 82030010

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Product Description

1. Body: Solid Wood
2. Neck: Top Maple

3. Fingerboard: Top Rosewood

4. Pickup: H-S-H

5. 2 volume and 1 tone knob

A beautiful guitar worthy of a great player! Handcrafted with a premium solid wood back and sides. High-quality strings help produce delicate, balanced tones. Body shape designs ergonomically that you won`t feel tired for a long time exercise. This guitar also makes a great gift!

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    Wow this guitar is just amazing. It's soooo beautful! I'm just starting to play the guitar and I'm kinda learning from a friend but this guitar is just amazing!! I's beautiful, load, has an amazing sound, all you need is a good tuner and you're good to go!!!! Have fun.....

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Red Double Cutaway Electric Guitar, Double Tremolo 82030010
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