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Red Zircon 18KGP Stunning Wedding Necklace-Earrings Set 89860094

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Product Description

Since Medieval times, Zircon has brought wisdom, honor and wealth to those who possess it. It`s especially prized for protecting travelers from harm, and even today, the Hindus believe it can stimulate spiritual growth.
The name, Zircon, probably comes from the Persian word zargun which means "gold-colored." The fiery, brilliance of zircon can rival any gemstone. The affordability of its vibrant greens, sky blues, and pleasing earth tones contributes to its growing popularity today.
It`s perfect for attracting attention to your colorful personality. Great gift and price!

The Advantages of Cubic Zirconia (also known as CZ)

Cost - The cost of Cubic Zirconia is roughly a tenth of the price of natural diamonds.
Appearance - Cubic Zirconia is so optically close to diamond that even jewelers cannot tell the difference between a Cubic Zirconia and a diamond with the naked eye - jewelers use a loupe to tell the difference.
Clarity - Cubic Zirconia is virtually flawless equivalent to Grade F on the Diamond Clarity Chart.
Inclusions/Flaws - Cubic Zirconia is virtually flawless whereas most diamonds have internal inclusions or external blemishes.
Color - Cubic Zirconia CZ can be made entirely colorless or white, equivalent to a perfect "D" on the color grading scale of diamonds.
Colored Cubic Zirconia CZ - Natural colored diamonds are extremely rare and expensive but synthetic gemstones like the Cubic Zirconia is made in a variety of different colors.
Fluorescence - An undesirable hazy effect. The Fluorescence of diamonds or Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is not usually noticed by the naked eye but can be seen under ultraviolet lighting at dance clubs and Jewelry stores. Under ultraviolet lighting Cubic Zirconia typically fluoresces a yellow, greenish yellow or beige color. Diamonds fluoresce a blue color.
Hardness - Hardness denotes resistance to scratching as opposed to Toughness which relates to the ability to resist breakage from falls or impacts. Cubic Zirconia is much harder than most natural gems at about 8.5 on the Mohs scale; however it is nowhere near as hard as a diamond at about 10.0 on the Mohs scale.
Weight and Size - Cubic Zirconia CZ is about 75% heavier than diamond and measured in millimeters, referring to the diameter, as opposed to carats. A Cubic Zirconia CZ will weigh about 1.7 times more than a diamond of equivalent size. A 6.5 mm Cubic Zirconia is equal in size to a one-carat diamond but actually weighs about 1.75 carats.

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    great wedding jewelry set

    The very best part is that they look amazing. They are very elegant and an actual eye catcher. They arrived on time and were packaged well. I love to order from dinnel!

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Red Zircon 18KGP Stunning Wedding Necklace-Earrings Set 89860094
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