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SEA-GULL Automatic Stainless Steel Women`s Watch 01029B, White Dial

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Product Description

This women`s watch is constructed with a stainless steel case and band. At the 3 o`clock position of the face, it has a sate calendar which accents ladies` dignity.

Automatic Watches Maintenance

1. Wear your automatic watch for at least a few hours every two weeks. Some automatic watches allow you to wind them if you deem it necessary, but other brands may require kinetic energy to wind and deny you the opportunity to wind them the old fashioned way. Wearing your watch a few hours every two weeks solves the problem altogether and keeps your watch wound.
2. Visit a watch repair shop at least once every two years to give your watch regular maintenance. The repair shop can make sure none of your watch parts have rusted and ensure the entire device is running smoothly.
3. Replace the rubber seals on the watch if you have a water resistance model. This would be another job for the watch repair specialist you visit on a bi-annual basis. If you frequently expose your watch to water, however, you may need to replace the rubber seals on a more frequent basis. If they wear out, water can start leaking into your watch.
4. Store your watch is a safe, dry place. Like all watches, automatic watches can fall victim to accidents and scuffs if you do not store them correctly.

Other Details

Dial Window:
Quartz Glass
Case, Dial :
Stainless Steel Case, White Dial, Round
Band :
Stainless Steel Band, Folded Buckle Clasp
Case Diameter: 1.02in (26mm), Thickness: 0.39in (10mm);
Band: 6.46 x 0.43inches (164 x 11mm)
Water-resistant to 98 feet
Stainless Steel Back
Brand New in Box

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  1. User Review

    L. L. Goode

    Star Rating


    Everything you could need in a watch

    I recommend the purchase of this watch to any woman. It's beautiful and works great. I've received numerous compliments on its beauty.

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SEA-GULL Automatic Stainless Steel Women`s Watch 01029B, White Dial
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