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Silver Alloy Rose Crystal Tasseled Bracelet- Curtain Dream 83320236

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Product Description

This gorgeous bracelet is named "Dream behind the Curtain". In the design of beautiful tassel, it is made of silver alloy and rose crystals. With the exquisite material and detailed craftsmanship, the stunning bracelet will draw you endless admiration. It is also a perfect Valentine`s day for your girlfriend or wife.

How to maintain your jewelry:
1.The jewelry should be often replaced. The same piece of jewelry should avoid to be worn for long time, especially in a hot weather. The plating layer will be easily eroded if it connects with sweat for a long time. Therefore, it is better that you prepare several pieces of jewelry for you to replace.
2. Jewelry will be easily damaged when touches chemicals. The fragrance while taking shower, chlorine in swimming pool and salinity of the water will all cause damage to the plating layer of jewelry. Therefore jewelry should be taken off before you go for shower or swimming.
3. Collision will cause scratch easily. Keep it carefully and avoid overlapping the jewelry together. It should be put back into the original packing bag or it inside the jewelry box with independent space.
4. Often clean the jewelry. Choose a soft brush to sweep the surface of the jewelry in order to clean the surface dirt. Clean and brush the surface of jewelry periodically in order to wipe off the taint.

Other Details

Silver, Rose
Alloy, Swarovski Crystal
Inner Diameter: 2.61in (6.6cm)
Brand New in Box

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Product Reviews

  1. User Review

    Charlotte-Ann Mack

    Star Rating


    Five Stars isn't enough. I give it a TEN!

    This bracelet sparkles. It is absolutely gorgeously beautiful. I plan to buy two more because I feel three would look extremely well together. It's prettier than the photo. Buy it!

  2. User Review


    Star Rating


    Good buy

    Very cute and shiny. I havent worn it very often and when i do i get lots of compliments and it looks good! Cant go wrong for the price! Makes for great gifts!

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Silver Alloy Rose Crystal Tasseled Bracelet- Curtain Dream 83320236
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