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Sport Men`s/Couple Windproof Black Cotton Triangle Crochet Beanie 88B00112

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Product Description

This fashionable beanie, made of top quality cotton, is your best accessory in winter and will keep you warm all through the cold days. Since it is rather elastic, it will fit all head shapes and sizes, without loosening in frequent usage. Thus it is suitable for all indoor and outdoor sports. This beanie is also a great headgear to help protect your head from the blowing wind especially in moving vehicles. It will never fly off or move in any direction and ruin your hairstyle.
We also have a corresponding women`s beanie SKU: 88B00053.

Beanies is the brimless hats knitted in wool worn during winter. The beanie hat`s origin dates back to the early 20th century slang term bean meaning head. These hats were popular amongst school boys between the periods of 1920 to 1940. Its popularity slowly declined since the introduction of the very famous baseball caps. In the early 1990`s beanie hats were back in fashion owing to popularization of cold weather sports activities. The major function of this hat is to keep the head warm and in certain patterns where the wool covers the ears keeps the ears well protected as well. They are also seen as fashion accessory and worn just to enhance one`s appearance.
Nowadays it were not only worn as winter caps but also worn as a fashion trend. The hip hop tradition brought in this fashion. This trend spread like a wild fire amongst teenagers who started wearing these hats as a part of their daily wear. Then it is a trend everyone seems to wear, and it can be worn casually with jeans or joggers or smarter and as part of a dressy outfit. It would even become an individual`s identity to a certain extent due the frequent use.

Other Details

One Size
Perimeter: 18.90in (48cm), for 18.90-25.60in (48-65cm)
Height: 10.24in (26cm)
Brand New in Box

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Product Reviews

  1. User Review

    Fornia Ung

    Star Rating


    Good Item

    I bought this item for my friend in the Navy. I really liked the design, it was simple but a little different. I have no complaints since it came on time and was delivered nicely. I think he'll like it, even though I know he has a hat already.

  2. User Review


    Star Rating


    Great knit hat!

    This hat was exactly what I was looking for. Shipping was fast! I am very, very pleased with this product and seller. Thanks so much!!!

  3. User Review


    Star Rating


    Not too thuggish.

    I was a little skeptical about purchasing this type of hat because I needed it to wear with my pea coat which I typically wear for work and didn't want to appear too casual, if you will. Nevermind that. This hat is perfect with my pea coat and with my Northface that I wear on the weekends. You will not be disappointed with this hat and if you purchase it from dinnel you'll get a great quality hat in a very timely manner.

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Sport Men`s/Couple Windproof Black Cotton Triangle Crochet Beanie 88B00112
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