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Trim Fit Black Pinstripe Jacket Vest Pants 3-Piece Dress Suit with Tie 88710025

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Product Description

This is an 3-piece dress suit including jacket, vest and pants. Buy now and you will get a matching tie free. With beautiful and comfortable cut in a light weight, it is suitable for all year around use. Made by high quality fabric with top workmanship, it is the perfect suit for all your important occasions!


Warm Tips:
1. Because of the high producing standard, we must go through many procedures including plate making, tailoring, hand tailoring, sewing, etc.. Thus we need about 20 DAYS to finish the suit. So please order in advance.
2. Since this suit is customized, we don`t accept change or return without quality problem.


How to Take Care of a Man`s Dress Suit
1. Invest in cedar hangers and hang your suit and shirt on them to prevent damage from moths. Replace cedar hangers when they begin to lose potency, or gently scrape them with sandpaper until the cedar scent returns.
2. Hang your suit in a dark closet. Keep the closet door shut to prevent sunlight from coming in. Refrain from storing your suit in direct sunlight, which can fade the material.
3. Place your suit in a hanging garment bag when you travel to protect it and to prevent wrinkling.
1. Spray the tie with a stain-resistant product to prevent damaging stains. Apply stain remover to spills immediately after they occur, if possible. Use a cotton cloth to blot the stains; do not wipe them. Avoid using water to clean stains off a tie, because the water may cause stains to run and bleed into the fabric.
2. Steam clean your suit to remove wrinkles and eliminate mild odors. Plug in the steam cleaner and fill it with water as the manufacturer instructs. Place the suit on a flat surface or on a hanger. Remove any hair, lint or dust with a garment brush.
3. Hold the suit in place with one hand and hold the steam cleaner nozzle a few inches away from the suit with the other hand. Administer a gentle stream of steam, working in an up-and-down, even motion and using long strokes. The suit should be damp but not soaked.
Additional Care
1. Have your suit altered as the need arises. Bring your suit to a tailor when you lose or gain weight. Have the suit tailored in the waist, legs and jacket to ensure a proper fit.
2. Bring your suit to a dry cleaner often. Resist the urge to toss your suit in the washing machine, because this will dramatically decrease the life of the suit and result in damage to the delicate fibers. Have your suit professionally cleaned to keep it in like-new condition.
3. Remove the suit from dry-cleaning packaging immediately after bringing it home. This will allow the suit fabric to breathe properly.


Other Details

Cotton&Linen blend
See Size Chart, Can Be Customized
Brand New in Box

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Product Reviews

  1. User Review

    Goutam Sampathkumar

    Star Rating


    Great Value

    The suit is excellent. Slim fit, so contours to the body shape. And it is customized, which usually cost over 1000.

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Trim Fit Black Pinstripe Jacket Vest Pants 3-Piece Dress Suit with Tie 88710025
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