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Women`s 100% Mulberry Silk V Neck Strap Laced Edge Green Sleepwear 88230009

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Product Description

This vibrant green, 100% mulberry silk nightgown or slip is a wonderful addition to any lingerie lover's wardrobe. Extremely comfortable and easy to move in, you'll be tempted to spend long hours luxuriating. All materials are in excellent condition and sewn with care. Wonderful gift for special occasions.

Warm Tips: 100% silk fabric is easy to become crumpled, which is a feature of natural silk and not the problem of quality.

How to maintain your silk nightgown
1. Wash. Silk is a protein fiber (like you hair). When washing, treat it accordingly. Most silk nightgowns are washable. Wash in cool water. Do not use hot water. Do not use bleach. A specialty cleaning agents is considered the best for silk. Do not use washing powder or alkaline soap. Should keep the silk nightgown in water for less than five minutes. Gently wash in clean water. Separate silk nightgown from clothes in different colors when washing to avoid staining. And several drops of wax will add a better effect on the silk nightgown when washing.
2. Dry. Hang or lay flat to dry in shade. And, for best results, keep silk nightgown out of direct sun.
3. Do not use an iron on your silk nightgown. Press the surface of your nightgown with your hands to flatten it when it is 70% dry if necessary.

Other Details

100% Mulberry Silk
Brand New in Box

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Product Reviews

  1. User Review


    Star Rating


    Elegant, Comfortable and Desirable

    These exceptionally comfortable pajamas also wash and wear like iron. They never wear out! Opaque, but not see-through. Light weight and cool in summer, warm and cozy in winter. Throw them in the washer, toss them into a medium heat dryer, and they come out like new. Leave them in the dryer over-night? Simply fold and put in your dresser drawer, the wrinkles will be gone in one day. What more can you ask?

  2. User Review

    Judith Ann

    Star Rating


    Wife loved it!

    I have already ordered another set for my friends and a set for each of their two children. They are the softest most comfortable pajamas that I have ever owned.

  3. User Review

    Mrs. Sylvia E. Parrish

    Star Rating



    Very silky and smooth. Fits great! It has a good length! And looks so beautiful. I love it so much!

  4. User Review


    Star Rating



    Bought for my wife, I wasn't sure how she would like it,,, but she loved them, size fit was perfect!!

  5. User Review


    Star Rating


    silk nightgown

    The lady, my wife, was very happy and satisfied with it....so I'm thrilled. Thank you.

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Women`s 100% Mulberry Silk V Neck Strap Laced Edge Green Sleepwear 88230009
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